September 25, 2023

Lontong & Such – Lontong Addicts Best Fix in Kelana Jaya

What’s your biggest dilemma after Hari Raya, to find the most Bad*ss Lontong around kan? Fret not fellow Lontong addicts, Lontong & Such is here to save the day and they’re bringing the breakfast avengers with them!

Your Neighbourhood Breakfast Place

Azlan Aziz was an experienced hotelier before he decided to trade his suit and tie for an apron and a spatula to open up Lontong & Such. A true blue Lontong addict, it took him a while before he found the perfect Lontong recipe. The Kuah is creamy and coconutty but light enough to not make you jelak, that’s why he loads the Lontong Power with Grilled Chicken, Sambal Sotong, Telur and Paru. Memang Puas hati!

But true to it’s name, Lontong & Such don’t only sell Lontong. They have Roti Jawa, Nasi Lemak and even The English Big Breakfast

Azlan makes his own bread almost everyday. It’s based on his mothers recipe but with his own twist to make it fluffier and lighter. There’s two way you can enjoy this famous Roti, first off is the Roti Jawa Bertelur. You can’t find this anywhere else but here, buttered toast with creamy omelette and topped off with some sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and some baked beans. Dia punya texture combo is amazing, crunchy, soft and fluffy!

Second is the classic Big English Breakfast, same concept at the Roti Jawa but Azlan tambah sausages and you can choose either scrambled, omelette or sunny side up. All of this for only RM8! Murah kan?

If you’re a big eater like myself, kena order the Nasi Lemak Power! This is his own recipe and it is da bomb. The rice is just nice, not too lemak and not too light as well, makan sekali with the sambal memang syahdu…. he adds in Ayam bakar, Paru and Sambal Sotong to the Nasi Lemak Power. All of this lauk combo is on point, nothing to complain about

Lontong & Such

Your Neighbourhood Breakfast Place


AddressGerai 21 Selera Wawasan Jalan SS 3/33 Kelana Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +60176237813
Open 8.00AM – 2.00PM (Closed on Mondays) 8.00AM – 1.00PM (Fridays) Open on most Public Holidays
Pro Everything here is homemade
Consavoid weekends as it gets super crowed
Price Range RM5 – RM9.50
Certification Muslim Owned

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