September 25, 2023
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Top 8 Fried Chicken 2017 : The FriedChillies List

This 18th and 19th November, Friedchillies is hosting the first Fried Chicken Event in Malaysia. Featuring 8 of the juiciest, crunchiest and tender’est’ chicken from many different street & restaurant categories, in one location, two days only. For you!

” It’s Malaysia’s First Fried Chicken Festival “

Over the last few months, FriedChillies has been on incognito mode tasting tens after tens of fried chickens from restaurants to street just to find out some of the best fried chickens in Klang Valley. Some of the judges criteria of selection includes that the (1) fried chicken has to be very tasty when served hot, crispy on the outside, juicy inside; (2) value for money and (3) they serve fried chickens that are well liked for all Malaysians, one try must go back.

We’re glad to release 8 of the best, and on this 18th-19th November have invited them all to give you a taste of their fried chickens in a special ayam goreng only event called Ayam Lejen (*Update : Tickets now on sale*) . May we present to all Malaysian fried chicken fans, the Ayam Lejen’s (Fried Chicken Legend’s) for 2017 as selected by judges in FriedChillies.

Gerai Ah Kow, Near Hospital KL
Category : Chicken Rice

Ah Kow’s golden crispy chicken is peppered with sesame seeds that hides a really succulent meat underneath. It is the kind of fried chicken that fans from all races would come, eat & dream about. Why? Did we mention that their secret ingredients is actually Horlicks? That’s what made Ah Kow into our Lejen’s list.

Broasted Chicken King, Keramat
Category : Middle East

This Lejen hails from Yemen but the Broasted Chicken King kedai was born in Malaysia. BCK made it into our list because of their Spicy Fried Chicken. The chili spices used for marinating seeps deep into the meat so even the meat nearest to the bone has flavour! Eat it as it is or dip it in their wicked homemade garlic sauce, either way, you are bound to have a good one.

Nasi Lemak Khora Khora a.k.a. Wak Kentut, Johor
Category : Nasi Lemak

Ayam Lejen Kak Ira is passionate about fried chicken to the point she is like a Master of Frying Chicken. If you’ve been to our #ieatnasilemak event last year, the longest que for a nasi lemak fried chicken was addictively hers. Each bite there is a distinct crunch, and although the fried chicken is good enough to be eaten on its own, this fried chicken kena makan with the sambal nasi lemak for that boost of taste and straight into the FriedChillies’ Ayam Lejen List.

Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB), Bangsar
Category : Tex Mex

KGB is famous for their juicy burgers, but did you know.. diam diam.. that their buffalo wings are great too? We were surprised with their “Golden Wings” which are actually salted duck egg buffalo wings! A nice blend between US buffalo wings with local Asian tastes… and the topping on this .. the green thing in the picture.. are pickled habanero chillies! Memang ngam with the wings. That’s why they…. in the list!

Nomms, Subang Jaya
Category : Freestyle

A new Lejen. New to the fried chicken scene, but they have improved leaps and bounds since the day they open their door to business. Their “southern” fried chicken is the kind of fried chicken where once you eat it, you just can’t stop, it is that good! Juicy inside, crispy outside. No frills. Just good fried chicken. All you need really. But if you need more, chicken popcorn with the mango sauce. Dang!

Nasi Kandar Zainul, PJ State
Category : Nasi Kandar

We all know that that some of the nasi kandar fellas got game when it comes to fried chicken. FriedChillies’ judges pick for 2017 is the one served by Nasi Kandar Zainul who has been in business for over 38 years. This huge lightly curried fried chicken is best enjoyed with some rice, outrageous curry (like banjir) and some taugeh. Lunch queues are long.. all targeting their original fried chickens. Don’t be fooled by copycats with the same name elsewhere. This is the ‘ori’ place.

Sweetree, Ampang
Category : Korean

Went to Sweetree and on every table, there was fried chicken. It’s the spicy fried chicken that made it into our list. Why? Their chicken is double fried to achieve that amazing crunchiness, and if that is not enough, they top it off with their secret sweet and spicy glaze. If you are at Sweetree, ask for their pickled radish. Awesome with their KFC yoooo!!!

MyBurgerLab, Seapark
Category : Gourmet Burger

The guys who created mayhem with their nasi lemak burger recently. These guys really know how to make a good fried chicken burger. With names like Bulbasaur, Bait & Switch and their salted egg yolk burger “The Ultraman”, we are confident that if you are looking for a great fried chicken burger, they will be in your list too. Service is awesome & atmosphere is super great. These guys know how to party!

Hope you like the list as rated by the FriedChillies judges. Ayam Lejen tickets are hot on-sale now at and limited early bird tickets are available whilst stock lasts. Everyone’s Invited!.

Click Poster to BUY TICKETS to

See you & all our fried chicken fans at Ayam Lejen 2017! Malaysia’s 1st Fried Chicken Festival

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