September 25, 2023

Top 5 Roadside Burgers in Klang Valley

Burgers have been one of Malaysia’s late night snack staple since all of us can remember. Neatly stacked or messy, roadside burgers are our favourite neighbourhood friend.

Klang Valley, Home of Good Burgers!

Klang Valley, Home of Good Burgers!

Malaysians and burgers… be it from a franchise or the bougie diner style, it’s safe to say that we Malaysians will always have a soft spot for a good roadside burger. Remember those late night sloppy Burger runs after a riot night with your best buds, what can be more perfect than that right! So here it is, in no particular order – our favourite Top 5 Roadside Burgers in Klang Valley.

1. Zam Burger.

Look at this beast

“Zam Zam Alakazammmm!” Yes, Zam’s burger is like magic, especially with 12 years of Burger cooking experience under his belt. If you have never tried it, you’d easily be judge for it because rugi kot! So if you’re craving for some juicy and tender meat at Zam’s, try the main star of 200g of pure beefy goodness called the Super King. If you’re craving for some chicken, then the Chicken Chop Burger is the way to go. This veteran burger is a must for its juicy homemade patties, soft buttery buns and a generous amount of condiments to elevate the taste of your most desired meat.

Location: No. 26 Jalan 6/23B Danau Kota Kuala Lumpur 53300 (the stall is at his home peeps!)
Opening Time: 6.30pm – 12am (Daily)

2. Mus Burger.

When in Kelana Jaya… look for the white truck that serves Rabbit Burger.

Next, we have Mus Burger and if you’re a Kelana Jaya local then you’re no stranger to this small white food truck that have been churning out lip smacking Burgers since 1989. What’s unique about Mus Burger is, rather than sticking to one brand of burger patties. He sources different brand of burger patties from various suppliers, correspondent to his preferences. Lamb or Rabbit? Take your pick ladies and gentlemen, the man knows his meat.

Location: Jalan SS3/29 47300 Kelana Jaya, Selangor (near LRT Taman Bahagia & in front of 7-11)
Opening Time: 5 pm till late (Daily)

3. Mor A Grifa Burger.

Chicken on Chicken on Chicken!

Inspired by two of the most famous local fast food joints, Mor A Grifa Burger hatches up mainly chicken grubs like their notorious The Ultimatum burger that is literally two chicken patties stuffed with two sausages, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and topped with tons of cheese sauce – yup, no buns and not for the faint of hearts. A Batu Caves represent, this burger joint is a MUST for its over the top, delicious burgers. Ps. Instead of a Sloppy Joe, they have Sloppy Jane. These bunch are creative and cook up really good burgers for a roadside joint.

Location: Jalan Pinggiran 1A/1, Pinggiran Rumah Kedai Saujana Apartment, Lebuh Utama Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves
Opening Time: 6pm – 12am (Daily)

4. Anz Burger.

Slim and Clean ANZ’s for the OCD’s

ANZ Burger grills up to 160 burgers a day and have been around for 21 years. You read that right, 21 YEARS! What’s special about ANZ is that they have perfected the art of constructing Ramly Burgers into a neatly stack and tidy burger to ensure no element of the burger overpowers the other, a perfect amount of everything. Try their Special Cheese; you will not get ticked off at how the thin Ramly’s are wrapped in an Egg and Cheese crepe, then architect to give your every bite, the taste it deserves. Mmm… if your a lil OCD about the way your burger should be served, you will love this one.

Location: Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Opening Time: 7.30pm – 1.30am (Daily)

5. Mak Chick Yunai Burger

Mak Chick Gunung Berapi Burger

As soon as you get to Mak Chick Yunai in TTDI, the first thing you’ll notice is that deep aroma of Fried Chicken! What a way to welcome their customers right? Mak Chick Yunai features Fried Chicken in every single dish they sell and they know that’s the way we like it! The signature, Mak Chick Gunung Berapi Burger is an ode to all of the Chicken Burgers out there and how they should look and taste like. So head down to TTDI for some fried chicken burger love!

Location: 48, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Opening Time: 7.30pm – 12.00am (Daily)

This is our 5 of the most “powerrr” roadside burger in Klang Valley. Go and stuff your face through this list today! If you guys have a way more killer burger spot that you think we should check out, hollaaaaa! We mean leave your comments down below aite.

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