December 7, 2023
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BurgerBros – Gourmet Wagyu Burgers at Street Prices

Serving from a humble stall in TTDI, owners Arieff & Din just want to serve good wagyu burgers to fans at affordable prices, in which the patty is the main hightlight. The wagyu have good fat ratio of 25%. With simple salt pepper seasoning, this tasty patty is also free of fillers with 100% Australian Beef. Since, most people don’t want salads in their burger, that is replaced with caramelised onions and other meat stuff. We like! 

The wagyu grease fat is poured over the patties every couple of minutes

Burgerbros do 100gm wagyu burgers starting from RM15. Giler brooo! Normally, we wouldn’t want to burger a wagyu but they have a higher fat content which makes it juicy, tender and flavourful. Furthermore wagyu have faster cooking time and best served up medium. So it does makes sense.

The BurgerBros Stall in TTDI. In front of Family Mart
We have the 100gm (left) and the 200gm patty (right) for you to compare.
100gm patty on the grill

Cheeseburger is a great burger to start with. Just simple grilled wagyu patty with caramelised onions & cheese. Patties are expertly grilled and occassionally the juices & grease oozing out from the patties are scooped up and poured over the patty, returning the juices back. Five minutes and they are done.

BurgerBros doesn’t waste the wagyu fat. Its poured back into the patties whilst grilling

They do several versions of these tasty burgers. You can have a Bacon Cheeseburger in which a slices of beef bacon is added to the burger, or even double patty versions for hungrier people. Normal burgers are 100gms but their signature versions are 200gms. We recommend you order them medium not well done for the best taste.

Beef Bacon Burger

Burgerbros also do lamb burgers. They make their own ketchup/tomato sauce and goat cheese sauce specially for this burger.

Lamb Burger being prepped up with rockets and homemade yogurt sauce.

And if you are lucky, they have off menus or secret burgers depending on timing. There was once, the big boss which was brisket (smoked with cempedak wood) with apple cabbage slaw. They had Dendeng burger made inhouse with a spicy kick . Coming soon will be more Chinese and Indian influenced flavors like varuval and hoisin sauce. So you heard it first on FriedChillies!

Owner Din holding a Cheese Burger wth wagyu patty, caramelised onions & homemade ketchup inside.
Eat em up guys!

The main reason why BurgerBros are different is because it’s run purely on passion, not money. Partners have successful jobs elsewhere, this is actually their passion outlet. It’s like they are giving back to the community in the form of tasty yet affordable 100% wagyu burgers for people like you and me.

BurgerBros TTDI

Gourmet Wagyu Burgers at Street Prices


AddressJalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL (In Front of Family Mart)
Open Wed-Sat 5pm-9pm
Pro Value wagyu burgers. Tasty too.
ConsOne may not be enough. A bit greasy
Price Range RM15 onwards
Certification Muslim Owned

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