September 25, 2023
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FriedChillies x Sunway Putra Mall Presents Nasi Kandaq Fest 2023

Attention food lovers and Nasi Kandar fanatics! Brace yourselves for an epicurean expedition like no other as we bring the top 10 nasi kandar “Lejens” in one location. Presenting the Nasi Kandar Festival 2023. The first festival of its kind in Malaysia. Join us this 23rd and 24th of September at the bustling Sunway Putra Mall for a tantalizing treat that will titillate your taste buds & make your foodie heart dance with delight.

” Curated by Nasi Kandaq Hunters, Nasik Kandaq Transporter and FriedChillies so you know it’s the “Best of the Best “

Join us this 23rd and 24th of September at the bustling Sunway Putra Mall for a tantalizing treat that will titillate your taste buds & make your food lover heart dance with delight. Lejens from Penang & Kuala Lumpur are coming to see you. Guys, in a surprised twist, we have one from Johor Bahru that made the list! Absolutely hidden!

The Nasi Kandaq Festival 2023: A Food Lovers Paradise

Now, imagine all this culinary wizardry gathered under one roof, for a glorious 48 hours. What’s the secret behind its allure? It’s not just the how the curries are made but also lies in the “Joki” as the nasi kandar underworld fans calls it.

The Joki in Nasi Kandar is similar to a Barista in a Cafe. One look at you, the Joki assesses the right curry mix on your plate that is personalised to you and you alone. This is the main difference between a Mamak place and a Nasi Kandar joint!

Meet the Nasi Kandar Lejens from Penang

Pokok Ketapang/ Jamal Mohamad – Mention Seberang Prai and you know that the locals will flock here for their nasi kandar fix. This is their original stall before they became Jamal Mohamad. Let their joki mix the curries for you with their succulent ayam bawang and daging masak hitam on top.

Yusuf Restaurant – A hidden gem in Relau, Penang. Made famous for their ayam ros and daging rendang made “nasi kandaq” style.

Pelita Nasi Kandar, Chai Leng Park– The original Pelita branch. Hit the tender & succulent ayam goreng. That’s what the locals love. The kambing curry is fantastic.

Liga Maju Ayam Negro – Hailing from connections with Nasi Kandar Zubaidah in Penang, these guys revived an original recipe of Ayam Hitam from way back then and called it “Ayam Negro”. And it’s awesome with the coconut sambal!

Meet the Nasi Kandar Lejens from Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Kandar Kudu – One of the longest lines in KL everytime, this place serves a mean ayam hitam & daging hitam. We love it with a side of fried hati.

Nasi Kandar Sitthique – The hidden gem here is the fried sotong with with its eggs intact inside. The underworld calls this “sotong mengandung”. The daging masak hitam is great. This is where the Joki “Richard Gere” operates his magic!

Nasi Kandar Saddam – The underworld agrees that this KL joint is the closest to Penang in taste. Fried chicken, Ayam Saddam & sotong are our recommendations.

LC (Line Clear) Nasi Kandar – Another Penang gem, Line Clear is now in Kampung Baru, KL. Known for its fiery curries and ayam goreng! Come for the ayam kuzi and sotong too.

Hameediyah Restaurant : Who doesn’t know Hameediyah? This iconic restaurant has been dishing out Nasi Kandar delights since 1907 in Penang. Their aromatic curries and ayam bawang are legendary. Their Bukit Bintang branch is out of this world!

Meet the Lejen From Johor Bahru

Nasi Kandar Talam : This establishment got serious during PKP and exploded after. You can taste that it’s tuned to Johoreans but it’s absolutely delicious. The sotong is a great hit and so is the black ayam bawang. You need to eat this in their metal plate and make sure they throw heaps of bawang goreng on top of it all.

Why It’s an Absolute Must-Visit

Culinary Extravaganza: It’s your golden ticket to relish the finest Nasi Kandar dishes from iconic eateries, all in one place. Your taste buds deserve this VIP treatment.

Rice Like Never Before: Dive into fragrant rice kissed by spices, and let the hypnotic aromas of sizzling curries transport you to food paradise.

Instagram-Worthy Feasts: Your social media game is about to get a serious upgrade. Capture vibrant dishes and steaming curry mixes that will make your feed pop with flavor.

Lejen Apperances : Get up close and personal with the people behind the brand. The owner themselves

Community of Food Lovers: Become a part of the foodie fraternity, sharing delightful Nasi Kandar moments with fellow enthusiasts.

Discounts from Sunway Putra Mall : There will be discounts on drinks & more during the event!

Get Ready for a Flavorful Fiesta

Circle the dates, September 23rd and 24th for the Nasi Kandar Festival 2023 at Sunway Putra Mall. It’s a journey through Malaysia’s culinary soul, an explosion of flavors, and a food lover’s dream.

Don’t miss out on this delectable gathering where you’ll encounter a world of gastronomic treasures. Join us at Sunway Putra Mall, and immerse yourself in the magic of Nasi Kandar.

Coming up on this site and FriedChillies’ FB & IG will be latest news, updated event activities, fun facts, menu, pricing and more. There’ll even be a Teh Tarik Competition in the works! Don’t miss this Malaysia’s first by FriedChillies in collaboration with Sunway Putra Mall, Nasi Kandaq Hunters & Nasik Kandaq Transporter!

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