September 19, 2021
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FriedChillies Top 3 Favourite Pizza Hut Pan Pizza!

When it comes to pizza’s at Pizza Hut, there are soo many to choose from. These 3 are undeniably our favourites…

What’s Your Favourite Pizza?

So here’s the thing. Pizza Hut Malaysia dared us to try their pan pizza (and yes they paid us). Now got new recipe, they say. If it’s good, we can write about it. So we sent our team down secretly (a couple of times), ate some pizza’s and realised that we are able to stick our necks out to our fans to say.. here’s the Top 3 Pan Pizzas that we like.

with tomato sauce, beef/chicken pepperoni, mozzarella cheese.

Let’s start with the The Beef Pepperoni. It’s undoubtedly one of the most loved Pizza all around the world, have you met anyone that doesn’t like it? Exactly! It’s so straight forward, spicy pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese, always on point and satisfying too. This pizza has a good ratio of the salty and meaty pepperoni, tangy tomato sauce with a hint of sweetness and the cheese just brings everything together to make it complete, fuhhhh just talking about it is making us hungrayyyyh!

with tomato sauce, ground beef, beef pepperoni, beef cabanossi, chicken loaf, mushrooms, pineapples, capsicums, olives, onions, mozzarella cheese.

This is a Pizza for everyone, they’ve managed to put every single topping that you love on a Pizza into ONE! Perfect for greedy people like us; “just taruk everything pizza” or best for when you just can’t make up your mind. They start it off with a layer of the thick signature tomato sauce, then a layer of ground beef, beef pepperoni, and even beef cabanossi just to make sure it’s meaty enough! Then chunks of mushrooms, pineapples, capsicums, olives and onions because we need our greens right? And a layer of mozzarella cheese because it won’t be pizza without the cheese!. Each bite you take is a medley of flavours, semua ada! Salty, tangy, sweet and even a touch of sweetness. No wonder they call this Pizza the Super Supreme, it’s like the Superman of all Pizzas kot!

with tomato sauce, chicken meat, pineapples, mozzarella cheese.

The Hawaiian Chicken is the reason behind Malaysians love for Nenas on pizzas! The perfect combo of chicken, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and those bite-size juicy chunks of pineapples is added to give you a burst of sweet and zing flavour. You can’t go wrong when you put all of that on a perfectly baked crispy and fluffy crust! Have to admit it’s one of those guilty pleasure that you’re proud of kan?, Pizza + Nenas = PARTY in your mouth. Pizza Hut says that this is one of their top sellers too. So if you’re throwing a pizza party, this has to be the King of the party!

There it is, our list of Pizza Hut’s Top 3 Pan Pizza. And again… yes, Pizza Hut did pay us for this article, but these are our words based on true & legit experience! Haha so we hope you found this article helpful because we really did found a new love for Pizza Hut and their fresher, crispier and tastier Pan Pizza! Oh BTW, during our research, we were most surprised to discover that the ‘competitor’ had higher pricing for a similar pizza… so we say go try Pizza Hut’s Pan Pizza today with their latest Buy 1 Free 1 Pan Pizza yo! Lagi lah boleh enjoy ramai-ramai! Thanks Pizza Hut!

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